Over the last decade, the topic of sustainability and green buildings has been a rapidly growing discussion across the globe.  More and more major companies and regional communities are seeking ways to incorporate building retro-fits or designs that fall into the category of sustainable or "green" properties.  Just how these properties are valued is coming in to play more and more.  These discussions lead to the establishment of the Vancouver Valuation Accord as a mutual repository for information on the valuation of sustainable or green properties for the benefit of property valuation professionals worldwide.

“Linking Valuation
and Sustainability”


Vancouver Valuation Accord Signatories:

The Hon. Gordon Campbell,
Premier of British Columbia

Bob Elton, President & Chief Executive Officer, BC Hydro

Brian Fellows, President & COO, Workplace Solutions Inc (WSI)

Chris Corps, Principal, Asset Strategics Ltd.; Past Chair of RICS

Sandy Wiggins, Chair, US Green Building Council

Kevin Hydes, Vice President, Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Jim Amorin, Vice President, Appraisal Institute

George Maurice, Vice President, Appraisal Institute of Canada

Thomas Mueller, President & CEO, Green Building Council

Louis Armstrong, CEO, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors

Philip Parnell, Partner, Drivers Jonas

Stephen Williams, Partner, Williams Murdoch

Clemencia Parra, Director, UPAV

Graham Hill, Mayor, Town of View Royal

Peter Clark, The Appraisal Foundation

Organized by GLOBE Foundation